Webinar - What's new in Apache Camel 3?

On March 3rd, at 3pm CET (Central European Timezone) I will co-host, with my good friend and colleague Claus Ibsen, a webinar session of an 1 hour with title ‘Apache Camel 3 is here: What’s new?’

Together with Claus we will going deep in to the details of Apache Camel high level goals, and focus on the optimizations done for making Camel lighter and faster for the cloud. So we’ll have a look at the internal details.

We’ll talk also about the ecosystem we’re building around Apache Camel, with Camel-K, Camel-Quarkus and latest Camel-Kafka-connector: there will be 4 different little demos in the webinar.

As you may expect at the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session with us, so you’ll get answers to a lot of the questions you have.

Apache Camel 3.1.0 has been released last week and the webinar will be focused on that and on the Camel’s ecosystem roadmap.

You’re very welcome to attend :-)

The webinar is free but requires a registration. You can find more details at the Registration page.